40. holiday and other trips

I just have a soft spot for those snaps, people passing the scene

...as well as writings on the wall, or walls in general  xD

overlooking Tallinn

I love love love postcards!!!

great! :D

again, two ladies passing one of the most amazing entrances I´ve ever seen in my life...

I just love the colour

two of the four of us, K. and V.

all pics shot with my precious LC-A+
film DM Paradies ISO 400

Aloha folks!

finally I got to see one of my best friends again, seems like ages have been passing by since the last time on new years eve...
Currently, she´s doing an exchanging term in Finland. 
Having her 30th birthday in the middle of April, she just made one wish - gathering her closest gals in Helsinki to spend some fab days together.
Thats exactly what happend!
 On Wednesday we had a one-day-trip to Tallinn/ Estonia, I immediately fell in love with this cute, firm city. Just thinking of its scruffy streets, makes me dreaming away already...
No wonder, nearly all film reels I had in my pocket, were exposed in lovely Tallinn.
Here you go - enjoy the first chunk of my new love!
(more upcoming soon as well as some digital beauties of Helsinki)


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