25. munich munich munich BABY!

All pics shot with my LC-A+ 2 years ago
film  Lomography X-Pro Chrome


I´m lingering in Munich at the moment.
Planning to stay till friday. There are so many things to do round here.
Having my base in the lovely "Glockenbachviertel", 
its just the best place to explore everything 
I  haven´t done so far in the past... as well as doing the compulsary shopping thingy ;)

Tomorrow evening I´ll be off to hit the fabulous Lomography Store in Munich 
as they´re doing a special discount for students which is only valid tomorrow from 6PM.
See you there!



24. Back!

beautiful Oia// Santorini

round the famous Acropolis

temple of zeuss // Athens


Oia// Santorini

Oia// Santorini


I´m finally back on track here. 
Sorry for the dreadful lack of posts but after returning back to Germany from beautiful Greece,
 I´ve got a nasty infection and am still combating against it.
Spending my days resting, sleeping, sipping litres of healthy tea, inhaling 
and sizzling in front of my infrared light means mainly 
doing nothing productive (I rather shall be doing stuff such as scanning negatives from Greece which´ve been on hold for ages...)
shows up as the reason for serving you those digitals.
Its just precious few but I hope you don´t mind!
There´re so much more piled and waiting to be shown ;)

much LOVE!