37. Ireland again!

having a walk through the beautiful gardens of Blarney Castle

somwhere round Blarney Castle

Dun Aengus/ Inishmore

my sis and me

Blarney Castle again

hitting Dingle and it´s amazing colours
(my sis totally reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum on this pic)


my family and that city, named Cork

having a rest in nowhere-land

cemetery of stunning Kinsale

sunset in Cork
all pics shot with my LC-A+

Aloha folks,

as I said already, I have stocked a couple of "irish" pics, which still want to be shown to you guys.
Enough with Ireland for now, I won´t be lavishing you again with those snaps :D
Probably I´m coming up with a petite impression of Graz/ Austria next time
(right, that´s exactly where all the disaster with my man´s car began...
btw, he´s just come in possession of a brand new black Seat Leon Fr Line
a very stylish and comfy one as I can tell!)

so, stay tuned!


36. Me and the Mumfords

lush support by DEAP VALLY (they totally reminded me of THE KILLS)

the crowd


my Mum and me

see ya soon guys!

Aloha folks,

don´t tell me, I´m really sorry for quite a big miss-out of posts, I seriously am!
Meanwhile happend quite a lot, spent some days in Munich again, was working on a freelance thingy and  I´ve been to an awesome concert by "The Lumineers",
as well as to a lush and stunning one by one of my fav bands- "Mumford and Sons".
I finally got to see them live in Munich/ Zenith as they´re on their way doing the European Tour.
I didn´t have the best digital camera with me but still there are some satisfying snapshots.
Anyway, I don´t like spending too much time on getting the perfect shot whilst missing out the band and atmosphere and maybe a phat dance... at the end my Mum and me had a blast, thats for sure!! :)

Stay tuned!
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