Twentythree. Jasu!

All pics shot with my Holga camera
film Lomography 100

Folks, I´m off to Greece! Finally...
Take care and speak to you soon.



Twentytwo. résumé of summer in black & white.

All pics shot with my Smena Symbol
film AGFA APX 100



Twentyone. in the garden

All pics shot with my LC-A+
film Paradies 400 DM

 Aloha folks,

sorry again, there are so many things keeping me busy and stealing my time.
Most of all its about planning me and my boyfriends 14-days-trip to Greece, 
we´ll be off on upcoming wednesday.
Guys I´m damn looking forward to it!

Hitting Athene for the first 3 days, 
staying at the City Circus Athene 
(check it out - its fucking awesome - I´m already in love without having seen it in real), 
followed by island-hopping such as Santorini, Folegandros, ... it all makes me dream away already!
It means a lack of posts for at least 14 days -please be indulgently,
it will be completely worth it  ;)
...  just imagine all these mind blowing pics snapped in Greece!
At this point I´m not that sure yet of which analogue camera to pick and take with me... 
...any ideas guys???

Suggestions are highly welcome!!! :D



Twenty. random


All pics shot with my Smena Symbol
Film  Rossmann ISO 200

Aloha folks,

sorry for being to busy to post but I´m having a rough week working on my DIY-Project 
(creating and sewing cusions, totes, cases for hotties and so on).
I´ll be selling my lovely stuff on a market upcoming sunday and I´m really looking forward to it! <3
Hope you´re having a good time and you do enjoy my blog.