41. Love Marimekko?

Marimekko is watching you

just look at those adorable fabrics...

one of my best friends

they even did Converse Chucks, Clogs and Wellies!

those tees keep reminding me of "Pippi Longstockings" dad

its not just about the fabric, Marimekko is also creating eye-catching cuts and shapes for their clothes

stairway to... not heaven, but Marimekko

all pics shot with my Canon EOS 500D
lens Canon 50mm 1.8

Hej folks,

luckily it happend to be, the finish label Marimekko just had it´s famous exhibition staged,
when we did our day-trip to Tallinn/ Estonia.
My best friend V is really obsessed with design by Marimekko ever since and thats what brought us there.
To my mind they´ve chosen a great location for the exhibit as you might see on the pics i took.
It wasn´t as big as i might´ve imagined, but all those arches and especially the wooden floor matched Marimekkos` samples perfectly.

Have a great (rest) day,


40. holiday and other trips

I just have a soft spot for those snaps, people passing the scene

...as well as writings on the wall, or walls in general  xD

overlooking Tallinn

I love love love postcards!!!

great! :D

again, two ladies passing one of the most amazing entrances I´ve ever seen in my life...

I just love the colour

two of the four of us, K. and V.

all pics shot with my precious LC-A+
film DM Paradies ISO 400

Aloha folks!

finally I got to see one of my best friends again, seems like ages have been passing by since the last time on new years eve...
Currently, she´s doing an exchanging term in Finland. 
Having her 30th birthday in the middle of April, she just made one wish - gathering her closest gals in Helsinki to spend some fab days together.
Thats exactly what happend!
 On Wednesday we had a one-day-trip to Tallinn/ Estonia, I immediately fell in love with this cute, firm city. Just thinking of its scruffy streets, makes me dreaming away already...
No wonder, nearly all film reels I had in my pocket, were exposed in lovely Tallinn.
Here you go - enjoy the first chunk of my new love!
(more upcoming soon as well as some digital beauties of Helsinki)



39. Graz 2nd part

on the bridge... and below

They once used to supply the emperors of Austria - Sissi & Franz Josef

amazing architecture

simply doubled

Kunsthaus Graz

@ Kunsthaus Graz

Hot Dogs topped with snow

Kunsthaus Graz doubled with "Schlossberg"


all pics shot with my LC-A+
film Kodak Ektar 100

love and snogs!