38. Graz - Austria

Tram of Graz / like the colouring

I have to admit, I´m just fond of this kind of lettering

Lovers and their keylockers

It just really reminded me of my hometown -Passau
Graz also has those cute narrow alleys everywhere

Overlooking Graz from "Schlossberg"

Feasting Carnival

Keepin my head up!

Exhibition at "Kunsthaus Graz"

"Kunsthaus Graz"

Somehow there was slightly this particular flair of Paris

Valentine´s Day
all pics shot with my beloved LC-A+

Aloha folks,

To put it in a nutshell, Graz is a cute, petite city (more like a town) and is always worth a trip
but it might be more advisable heading there in spring or summer.
I was just really unlucky and was facing fucking wheather conditions as you might guess... ;)

have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

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